"I use the 911 shine serum on almost all my clients.  It’s made a big difference on the finished look and makes the blow out last longer and keeps hair from frizzing out. It’s also not greasy and smells good which is nice. I also really like the shampoo. It not only gives good color retention but I can see an improvement in the quality of not only my clients’ hair but my own hair too. The hair feels softer and has better texture and strength.  I’ve been a stylist and salon owner for over 40 years.  I bought my first salon in my early 20s in New York.  I’ve seen and used many, many hair products and brands over the years so I know good and effective products when I use them.  I think Love This Hair has very good products."

Alicia Abreu, owner Fantasy West Salon, Pembroke Pines, FL 


“'Love This Hair' truly is a fantastic product.  My wife works in a salon and brought home a sample the other day. I was a little hesitant to try it as I thought it was just another fancy shampoo for women. I can honestly say that it is the best shampoo product I have ever used. My hair feels softer than ever and is very easy to comb. I also have mild psoriasis and my scalp feels less irritated since I have been using it. The rosemary/peppermint smell is gentle, soothing, and honestly, just darn right. I wanted to include a man’s review and perspective on such a great shampoo and will be telling all of my friends about it. For all the guys out there, don’t be shy, give it a try and you too will agree that it is fantastic."

Daniel Nieth, Weston, FL

"This shampoo and conditioner is absolutely amazing!  I use it all over my body and even shave with it.  My wife even gets upset at me because I use more than her!"

Robinson Brown, Weston, FL


"This is the best product on earth, I tell a lot of others about it!!!!"

Tom Cherney, Lenoir City, TN


"It was a delight to meet you Ursula Johnson and discover your products. The "Love This Hair regimen has given me silky smooth locks requiring far less auxiliary products. I love being able to wake up and have healthy-looking hair from the day before! I’ve just started using Love This Hair on my daughter to her delight. 🙂"

Lenette Serlo, Weston, FL


"Yo rara vez consigo estar satisfecha con un champú. Por lo general tengo algo que decir sobre ellos, pero este producto es uno de los pocos productos que han conseguido impresionarme. Es el mejor champú que he utilizado. Deja mi cabello fuerte, sedoso, hidratado y muy fácil de manejar. Lo recomiendo."

Laura Elera, West Palm Beach, FL


"Loving this Hair! I can’t stop touching it!! The best part is the peppermint scent and the way it energized me in the shower. Side benefit? YES! Thanks!"

Rosie Taylor, Pembroke Pines, FL


"Your product is absolutely amazing!  I have bought cheap shampoo and conditioners, expensive, super expensive and everything in between, the itching and bad odor would return within a day, others would cause dandruff, my hair was dry and brittle and I had lost hope of finding something that would really keep my scalp from itching and my hair healthy looking. I would use shampoo, conditioners for my hair and scalp, but my hair would continue to be dry and difficult to manage because of the high lights.

I would have never imagined that I would go to my business meeting and meet you there. When you spoke about your product, and what it would achieve based on your own testimony, I figured I would give it a try, and I must say, I am so impressed, grateful and happy to have found you. My scalp is not itching, it's not smelly, and my hair is soft and shiny, even before the serum the hair is not tangled and hard to brush.

Thank you!!!!"

Delia Leon, Davie, FL


"The hair serum is THE BOMB! I love it! I keep it in my purse to touch up any frizzies I get during the day."

Karina Jimenez,  Weston, Florida


"My hair is naturally curly and Love This Hair serum is the only product that I have used which allows my hair to stay straight in the Florida humidity. It also adds a great shine. I also use the serum on days that I do not wash my hair to add a bit of shine and to refresh."

Jenee Evans, Weston, FL


"Love this hair product has done wonders for my hair. It has taken the dry brittle look and added shine and moisture to my hair. My hair is fuller and healthier with a shine. No other product has been so wonderful and good to my hair."

Jenny Jackson Brown,  Weston, FL

"Shampoo has a clean, tingly feeling with a nice lather and great smell! Conditioner great smell too and clean, tingly feeling when I got out of the shower. Love it! Much better than the Aveda Rosemary mint stuff I used to buy.  I don’t even have to blow my hair out that much in the morning…just a little and then it air dries nice on its own."

Beth Simon,  Hollywood, FL


"I thought I’d tell you I tried your products and I love them all of them, especially the serum."

Wendy Lascow, Davie, FL


"Thanks so much for the hair products! I definitely LOVE IT!! I really like the minty shampoo and conditioner. It’s like you get free aromatherapy while shampooing and feels great on the scalp.  The shampoo has a really nice lather and the conditioner soaks right in. I used a bit of the serum too and was surprised when my hair dried how smooth the hair shaft was. I didn’t even have to straighten my hair! You’ve developed a really great product. I will definitely incorporate it into my routine."

Wendy Bossory, Weston, FL


"In my opinion, this is a 'miracle product'. I will never go back to my old shampoo and conditioner again! My hair looks healthy, feels fuller, softer and seems easier to style. The minty smell is yummy too!"

Joanna Bezucha,  Menlo Park, CA


"Ursula, got my package yesterday and again loved them. I used only the shampoo and conditioner, went to bed with a damp head and my hair was great when I woke up. I asked my daughter what she thought and she was surprised at how full my hair looked with no other products in it. Just love it. Thanks so much."

Karen Klein, Palm Harbor, FL


"I have thick wavy hair that is very difficult to tame without using a lot of product. When I found the Love this Hair brand I fell in love. Not only does the system make my hair smoother and shinier than ever before, it also allows me to go longer between color sessions because the shampoo doesn't strip my hair like most other hair products. I will be a customer forever."

Kristin Marquet, New York, New York

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