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Love This Hair

Powerful and Effective Ingredients

We pay very close attention to the purity and quality of each ingredient we use in every single one of our products.  We are proud to say all our products are TOXIN FREE. You benefit because your hair care products not only work great but also are simply better for you and your health!

Love This® Hair was founded on the principal of providing luxurious, high performance hair products without the use of any unhealthy and potentially toxic ingredients.  Many products today, even the fancy expensive ones, contain things like hormone disruptors, formaldehyde donors, neurotoxins, irritating preservatives and so forth.  These ingredients in some people can cause mild skin irritations, allergies or may even contribute to a more serious disease processes like cancer, organ toxicity or birth defects.

Check your product labels carefully.  If they contain ingredients with the word PEG or clauses that end in “xynol” or “eth” (ceteareth, oleth, laureth) then it is a cause for concern. Many countries including Canada, Japan and the EU ban ingredients like these that are unfortunately still used in the United States.  Love This® Hair has taken then proactive step of eliminating these ingredients even though they are still used in US personal care products.

We support the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a public advocacy group founded in 2004 to help educate consumers about the problem of toxic chemicals in cosmetic and personal care products. We are also California Proposition 65 compliant—An initiative started in 1986 that requires the state to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.  The ingredients we use are not on that list.

NO Irritating preservatives

NO PEGs with 1,4 dioxane residue

NO Hormone disruptors

NO Neurotoxins

NO Phthalates

NO Formaldehyde donors

NO Parabens


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