Love This® Story

My journey into the hair business began several years ago when I started making my own hair products. I had become very dissatisfied with what was available in retail stores and salons.  I suspected that some components in these products were responsible for my skin irritation and “bad hair days”.

I carefully began to investigate hair product ingredients and was shocked by what I read.  I never knew that the US cosmetic industry allows potentially unhealthy ingredients into products that could produce toxins and health hazards for the consumer!  I became determined to eliminate questionable substances from my hair products.   I realized that the only way to truly know what I was putting in my hair was to make it myself.

After much experimentation with various formulas and ingredients , I produced my very own hair concoctions that worked magnificently on damaged and dry hair making it soft and smooth. What’s more is that these hair products did not have questionable toxic substances.  They also were not irritating and smelled wonderfully fresh and natural.

I shared my own hair products with friends and family who loved to receive them as gifts! Over time, the requests for more came.  Many people suggested that I should start a business and sell my products in stores, thus the idea to create Love This® Hair was born.

To sell my products commercially in salons, I teamed up with a local South Florida cosmetic lab and provided them with my original, healthy and  toxin-free hair formulations to make in small batches.  Once my products were bottled, I hit the road and began distributing to local salon shops in the South Florida area.

Since then I’ve had many reorders from the various salons.  I’ve also received rave reviews from people who say that Love This® Hair has been the answer to solving their hair problems and have thanked me for developing the line.  I’m very excited and proud to be producing  toxin-free,  salon quality products that many people love.  I guarantee that you’ll love them too! Why not try them today? Would love to hear what you think!

Ursula Johnson, RN